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Surprise! New Panda Cub Born at the National Zoo

Mei Xiang, the 22 year old panda who calls the National Zoo in Washington DC home gave birth to a surprise panda cub at around 6:35P on August 21. Last week Mei Xiang surprised everyone when she appeared to be showing signs of pregnancy. Mom and cub are doing great tonight. Here are some images and of Mei Xiang and facts about her family over the years. Congrats Mei Xiang!

Updated August 27, 2020

August 21, 2020
By: Leah Weber

Photo By: The Washington Post

Photo By: The Washington Post

Photo By: The Washington Post


Photo By: The Washington Post

Photo By: China News Service

Mom Seven Times Over

This new cub marks the 7th birth for Mei Xiang at the National Zoo.


Tian Tian is the father of Mei Xiang's new cub.

Bye Bye Bei Bei

One of Mei Xiang's other cubs, Bei Bei, move back to China in November 2019.

Happy Birthday, Mei Xiang

Mei Xiang just turned 22 on July 22!

Congratulations Mom!

Mei Xiang and the team at the National Zoo keep helping increase the population of this endangered species and we thank them!

Panda Watch!

Keep coming back here for all your panda cub updates.

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