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Behind the Balls: Meet the Brave Contestants of Dodgeball Thunderdome

David Dobrik, along with cohosts Erin Lim and Andrew "Hawk" Hawkins, put contestants to the ultimate test of strength and strategy for a chance at glory plus a $25k cash prize. Watch Dodgeball Thunderdome Wednesdays at 9P on Discovery.

August 18, 2020
By: Discovery

Keshwan C. "Bikini Blitz"

Beau B. "The Man"

Trevor A. "King of the Beach"

Mark A. "The God of Dodge"

Aaron R. "Not 'That' Aaron Rodgers"

Jessica F. "Hypernerd"

Michael D. "The Unkillable"

Dariel N. "The Masshole"

Nykki M. "The Hardened Hoosier"

Patrick I. "Deputy Dodge"

Heather D. "Still Fighting the Boys"

Derrick T. "The Old Guard"

Alana D. "The Influencer"

Anthony S. "The Underdog"

Hannah S. "The Cheerlifter"

Tommy D. "Frat Meets Yacht"

Arisa H. "The Salon Slinger"

Joseph B. "The Benchwarmer"

Mauri K. "Girl Empowerer"

Asia I. "Sporty Mom"

Russell P. "The Towering Pastor"

Erin A. "The Tatted Trainer"

Maurice D. "The Flashy Yogi"

Nicole A. "Miss Dodgeball USA"

Tyler M. "Check This Mullet"

Brian C. "The Sculpture"

Shane G. "The Beanpole"

Jealinda M. "The Hurdler"

Rob F. "Brooklyn Bad Boy"

Katie B. "The Fashionista"

Kim L. "The Tree Hugger"

Vince M. "The Lebron of Dodgeball"

Vanessa N "The Valedictorian"

Bennett R. "Volleyball Jesus"

Anja A. "Tuba Marine"

Rich S. "The Actual Rocket Scientist"

Dani A. "Social Media Millennial"

Kera M. "The Risk Manager"

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