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Naked and Afraid of Sharks 2: Survivalists in Action

Check out five NAKED AND AFRAID veterans — Matt Wright, Jeff Zausch, Serena and Amber Shine, and Alex Manard as they take on the challenge of "Shark Alley."

August 16, 2020
By: Discovery
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Jeff laughing.

Matt, Amber, and Alex standing outside assessing the shelter.

Matt, Amber, and Alex getting ready to set sail.

Matt, Amber, and Alex test out the boat.

Jeff and Amber looking out across the water.

Jeff and Amber strategizing.

Jeff and Amber looking out at the ocean.

Jeff and Serena deciding where to head next.

Matt, Jeff, and Alex in a boat.

Matt pulling an anchor out of the water.

Alex, Serena, and Amber attempting to find fish in shark infested waters.

Matt, Amber, and Alex all rowing.

Serena in grass hat.

Serena and Jeff coming ashore

Matt, Amber, and Alex approach Jeff and Serena in the boat.

Matt, Amber, and Alex being pulled ashore.

Matt, Amber, and Alex getting ready to row.

Matt, Jeff, and Alex walking to boat in search of dinner.

Matt, Amber, and Alex lookout for sharks.

Amber, Alex, Jeff, and Serena on the beach.

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